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Peach Jazz was born on the Fourth of July, 2016. She is a small, pretty girl, brown with white markings like a Dutch rabbit. She is shy but opens up when she gets to know you. Her mama Ella and brothers Blues and Soul have been adopted, so she is alone and still waiting for her forever family.

On April 23, 2017, Jazz got a boyfriend and a new family to love.

Sparkle and Snowflake

Sparkle and Snowflake Sparkle and Snowflake- came to us from the Orange County shelter. Sparkle is a lovely English Spot girl. Her son Snowflake, is part lionhead. His lopsided ears are so adorable.

On April 22, 2017, we are excited to say, Sparkle and Snowflake now have a family to love.
We are so happy for them!

Sparkle and Snowflake


Charlotte Charlotte- was found wandering a neighborhood in Artesia. She is a gorgeous rabbit and is a cuddle-bunny. She likes kids and does not mind being around a calm dog. Isn't she a beauty?

On April 22, 2017 she was adopted. We knew this beauty wouldn't take long to find her forever home! So happy for you, your family and your new friend Luna. Enjoy your new life Charlotte... We love you!



Peach Peach was living in a shelter for several months. She was treated for intestinal issues several times but her soft stool kept returning. After a couple of months in foster care we have decided that she has mild food allergies and a tendency to soft stool. She needs some TLC and understanding but she does not seem to feel ill.

On April 17, 2017, while in foster care, Toko (who belongs to her foster Mom) fell hard for her. They are living happily together.


Rogina Rogina (originally named Roger!) was living in an apartment complex for TWO YEARS as a "community rabbit". Finally a kind soul took her in and got her spayed. His own rabbits don't want her to live with them, though, so she is looking for a forever home. She is friendly and sweet.

On April 15, 2017, Rogina got adopted. She is now bonded with a very handsome boy named Bomba.


Champ Champ- We think that Champ was born in September 2016. He arrived at a shelter very underweight, and we agreed to take him in. It turns out that he was not ill, just starving! He is eating like a horse and growing well. He is very mellow, loves head scratches and full body rubs. And he loves hanging out with his foster family!

On March 4, 2017 It wasn't hard for this little man to find his forever home. We will miss you but are so happy you be getting so much love and attention.


Storm and Sinatra

Storm and Sinatra Storm and Sinatra has been in foster care for over 2 years. Sinatra was born into an extreme hoarding situation. He was rescued and sent to a shelter, where the volunteers fell in love with his sunny personality. The volunteers saw that he was not eating and had gotten very thin. They contacted Save SomeBunny to see if we could help him. He had issues with his teeth, and after several attempts to keep them, we had to have his incisors removed. He is able to eat normally and has no remaining problems. Through it all he has been sweet and happy... A terrific little bunny.

Storm is a beautiful girl with sleek velvety fur. She's sweet and smart and very easy to handle. She fell in love with her foster brother, Sinatra and they are very bonded now.

On March 4, 2017,Storm and Sinatra found a forever, loving home with a sister and brother team. They are all so cute together! Just one big happy, bunny loving family!

Storm and Sinatra


Love Love has been in foster care for about a year. This precious bunny came to us from the Orange County shelter with her four babies, Happy, Lucky, Peace and Pride. She was a great mother who raised healthy babies and today she found her forever home! Love is sweet, calm and has a loving personality. What an appropriate name for this beauty!

Adopted on February 25, 2017.


Pearl and Dasher Rocky is a cool little dude that came to Save SomeBunny Rabbit Rescue recently. We are SO happy he found a forever family today!

Adopted on February 25, 2017.

Pearl and Dasher

Peter Rabbit

Pearl and Dasher Peter Rabbit was found in a park in south Orange County in a tiny hamster cage with no food, water, or bedding. Who knows how long he had been sitting in the poop and pee in this tiny cage. While in foster care, Peter charmed his foster Mom so she decides that he should be her forever bun.

On February 19, 2017, Peter was offically added to our foster failure list.

Pearl and Dasher

Pearl and Dasher Pearl was born about at the beginning of 2016 and had two sons in August 2016. Her son Domino was adopted. Pearl and Dasher are very small, and nearly identical. They are sweet and playful, and they both love head scratches and treats!

On February 11, 2017, Pearl and Dasher got adopted. Thank you to the family that gave them their forever home together!


Kaba Kaba was saved from living her life alone in an outside hutch. She is a beautiful sweet lionhead.

On February 10, 2017, Kaba got adopted. It was love at first sight for Kaba's new mom. Not hard to understand why! Best wishes sweet little girl!


Harry Tropper was adopted before, unfortunately he came back to us which was no fault of his own. His amazing foster family fell so in love with him that he is officially a foster fail.

He was adopted on February 04, 2017.

Clifford and Sissy

Sissy and Clifford Sissy and Clifford- Clifford was rescued from a shelter on December 7, 2015. He was very ill and scheduled to be euthanized. With a lot of TLC, we were able to nurse him back to health.

Sissy is a very small blue-eyed white bunny. She was living outside during the extreme heat wave in mid-June, and two kind souls were worried about her so they called Save SomeBunny. We took her in because no rabbit should be outside in 100 degree heat!

While cooling off in foster care, Sissy met Clifford, another small white bunny. It was love at first sight for both of them, and they decided to share a pen.

On January 29, 2017, Sissy and Clifford got adopted. Congrats you two!

Blues and Soul

Blues and Soul Blues and Soul came to us from the Orange County shelter with their Mama Ella and their sister Jazz. They were only one month old.

On January 28, 2017, Soul & Blues found their forever home....together! New "Mom & Dad" are overjoyed!


Clover Clover was born late 2015. She was rescued by a vet who saw her at the Santa Monica shelter. She is a character who flies around her pen like a whirlwind then flops and takes a nap. She stands on her hind feet to be petted whenever her foster mom walks by. She also plays hide and seek with the dog (protected by her pen, of course). She appears to be a cross between a Lionhead and Holland Lop.

On January 28, 2017, Clover found her forever family! You are such a great bunny and will be missed but are happy you have a place to call home!



Harry Harry was saved from being a classroom pet when he was only eight weeks old. He is a handsome, outgoing, cool little dude. He doesn't like being held much, but he enjoys "helping" his humans and being part of the family action.

On January 10, 2017, Harry got adopted. It was love at first sight for Harry's new "mom". Congratulations Harry on your new home!



Tesla Tesla is a very handsome boy who was dumped in a canyon with his brother and sisters at a very young age.

On December 28, 2016, Tesla got adopted. He is now bonded with a beautiful girl.



Cooper Cooper was brought to the Orange County Shelter with an injured eye. He was put on the Special Needs list and waited NINE DAYS before his story was brought to the attention of Save SomeBunny Rabbit Rescue. We pulled him out of the shelter and took him to our vet the same day. It turns out his eye wasn't the only problem -- he had a fractured femur that required amputation of his right rear leg! The surgery lasted so long that the vet was unable to remove the eye before the anesthesia wore off (bunnies are very sensitive to anesthesia and can't stay under too long) so she cleaned the eye and stitched the lids shut. We will remove the eye later if it causes problems.

On December 25, 2016, Cooper was adopted. We are so grateful to his foster parents (Jaime & Chris) for taking him in, caring for him, traveling back & forth to Vet appointments, bonding him with Trilly & providing a forever, loving home!



Lancelot Lancelot was bought as a 3 or 4 week old baby to be a pet for young children. His family no longer wants him. They haven't even been bothering to feed the bunny or give him water on a daily basis, so we rescued him before it was too late.

Lancelot is so lovable and precious. He loves to cuddle, play, and give lots and lots of kisses. He isn't afraid at all and is a very curious little bunny. He is a really good eater, but that is probably due to food insecurity.

On December 18, 2016, Lancelot was adopted by a boy who thinks he is the coolest bunny ever!

Princess and Junebug

Princess and Junebug Princess and Junebug was found on the side of a street and rescued by a kind mother and son. Since they had several dogs, and Princess was pregnant, we took her. That very same night she delivered adorable Junebug, a boy bun.

On December 17, 2016 Princess and Junebug got ADOPTED together! They found a great forever home.

Princess and Junebug


Elky Elky is a beautiful girl who was dumped in a canyon with her brothers and sister at a very young age.

On December 17, 2016, Elky was ADOPTED! She found a sweet human girl to love and a wonderful forever home!
You go girl, enjoy your new life!



Domino Domino is one of Pearl's son. He and his brother Dasher were born in August 2016. They are still growing but will be small buns. That doesn't stop them from running in crazy circles around the room! They enjoy being petted and held as long as you don't overdo it -- they have playing to do!

On December 16, 2016, Domino was picked to be someones forever bun!
Congrats Little Dude!


Pepper Pepper is a big beautiful girl who is super sweet. She weighs eight pounds! Everyone who meets her falls in love with her gorgeous soft black coat. She loves to come out of her pen and snuggles next to her human for a gentle head and back rub. She was given up by her owner who was having medical issues and could no longer take care of her.

On November 27, 2016, Pepper was adopted by a girl who fell in love with her.



Lotus Lotus and her three siblings were dumped in a canyon at a very young age. With luck on their side, their foster Mom found them and scooped them up within minutes after being set free. She provided them an amazing home with lots of love and respect.

On November 24, 2016, Lotus got a boyfriend and a new family to love.


Ginger Ginger came to us from the Orange County shelter. Ginger is a very friendly, inquisitive and pretty little girl. Her foster mom had to give her medications for a while to make sure there were no problems with her eye (all good, just a funky lens with no infection or discomfort.) Despite all the yucky medicines, she's a very forgiving bunny and still comes to the fence for pets and lets her foster Mom pick her up. The vet thinks she might have poor up close vision in the other eye but she still enjoys a romp in the garden and doesn't seem to be at all bothered by any vision deficiencies.

On November 1, 2016, Ginger found a boyfriend and a forever home!

Happy and Peace

Happy and Peace Happy and Peace came to us from the Orange County shelter with their Mama Love, and their two siblings Pride and Lucky. They are very energetic and are very bonded with each other. They are super laid-back and like to be held and cuddle.

On October 28, 2016, at 8 months of age, Happy and Peace finally have a new family to love and a place to call home.


Black is a sweet, friendly, curious little boy. He was rescued from a high kill shelter with his brother, Decker but brother tended to bully him over meals so they were separated. Black is pretty easy to hold but prefers to bounce on your lap when he so chooses. Black weighs just under 3 pounds and is loaded with personality! He's a good jumper and will bounce on the bed to say, "Hello! Can I have breakfast!" and will keep your chair warm and fuzzy for you.
On October 10, 2016, Black just found an awesome forever home.

Enjoy your new life little man!


Shadow was owner relinquished from a household of 6 kids who had lost interest in her and thought she was mean. We think they just didn't know how to handle rabbits because she's actually very sweet and calm! She doesn't like to be picked up but will happily come to you for lots of pets. She's super soft and silky and just an all around lovely bunny. Shadow was kept in a small cage for so much of her life she doesn't even know what to do with a big room and is content in a exercise pen that some of the more exuberant bunnies will feel pent up in, a plus if you have limited space.
On October 10, 2016, we are excited to say, Shadow just found an awesome forever home.

We are so happy for her!


Ella came to us from the Orange County shelter with her three babies, Blues, Jazz and Soul. She is an absolutely beautiful small Dark Chocolate - colored Dutch girl. She's friendly and happy. On October 9, 2016, we are excited to say, Ella went on a date and is in the process of bonding with a boy named Neil.

We are so happy for her!


Pepper is one of the remaining babies found in a parking lot. He's seven months old now, active and healthy. He gets along well with other rabbits but is still shy around humans he doesn't know. He just needs a little time -- if you sit with him, it takes him about five minutes to get curious enough to come over and visit you! Pepper is a gorgeous rabbit with "black otter" coloring.
On September 29, 2016, Pepper hit the jackpot! He found a great home, wonderful new mom that works from home. Pepper will have LOTS of well deserved attention.

Best wishes to you Pepper!


Ziggy was found as an abandoned bunny in an Anaheim park. A small BEW (blue eyed white) with lots of energy. He will jump, jive, zig and zag so that is why he was named Ziggy. Some behavioral issues have made it difficult for him to be an adoptable bunny. His foster family felt it was important to continue to work with Ziggy by giving him a stable, loving environment.
We are so happy for Ziggy and are grateful that the rest of his life will be filled with love and kindness. Whoot Whoot for foster failures! 9/24/2016


Spice was born 2013-2014. She was living with other rabbits in the yard of a vacant house for quite some time. She was the last survivor and a neighbor asked us to rescue her. Because she has had little human contact, she is very shy. She will sit quietly in your lap and allow you to hold and pet her
We our happy to announce that our Spice Girl found a loving home with our old buddy Sven and her new Mom!
Congrats 9/18/2016


Sophie was born in late 2015. She was originally a Swap Meet bunny. She got a case of fur mites and her owner took her to a vet who suggested that she be released to the wild because she was a cottontail. The owner wasn't comfortable with that so she took her to a wildlife center where she was identified as a domestic rabbit. Sophie is a lover who wants to be petted. If you don't pet enough, she will let you know with a harmless little nip. She begs for attention every time a human gets close to her pen.
We our happy to announce that our sweet, beautiful Sophie found a loving home with her new Mom and Dad!
Congrats 9/3/2016


Licorice who was born in a parking lot in Garden Grove, participated in "speed dating" today with a beautiful tan dutch girl named Penny. Penny had two other dates before she met Licorice. Looks like the third time was the charm! She fell in love with this sweet boy!
Congrats Licorice and Penny. May you have a long, healthy and loving life together! 9/3/2016

Leo and Roxy

Leo and Roxy were adopted before, unfortunately came back to us (no fault of their own) and now found their forever home!!!
Congrats you two love-buns! 9/3/2016


Titan's was found wandering around the Cal State Fullerton campus. She is a sweet, lovable cuddly girl. She is a very smart lop! She enjoys playing with toys! She is clean has excellent house habits. She does not chew on furniture or mark territory. She enjoys being out of her pen to explore and finding a cool place to snooze.
Today was her day! Adopted on September 3, 2016.


Joy's previous owner is having very serious health problems and is unable to care for her so we decided to take her in. Her foster family fell so in love with her that Joy is officially a foster fail.
We are very happy for her! Adopted on August 6, 2016.


Nic is a shy but a very sweet bunny boy. He was the last one of Sara's boys to get adopted into a great furever home. We are so happy for him.
Congrats to him and his human! Adopted on July 30, 2016.

Churro and Nutmeg

Churro and Nutmeg were found in a parking lot in Garden Grove. We first scooped up Momma (Cinnamon). She had 6 babies and only 4 survived. Cinnamon was taken in by the EVER SO GENEROUS Shelly's Shelter and a few weeks later gave birth to 8 more babies!

We are so happy to say that Nutmeg and Churro found their forever home today....together! Born together, fostered together and now living their forever life TOGETHER!
Adopted on July 6, 2016.


After 1 year and 1 month in foster care, our sweet, lovable and gorgeous ruby-eyed Sven has found his forever home. Many REWs (red eyed whites) are overlooked but his new Mom KNEW Sven was the bun for her!

Tell your mom to bring you in for nail trims in addition to some hugs and kisses from all of us! Best of luck big boy!
Adopted on July 3, 2016.


Darby was being mistreated by some children. He was rescued by a school employee and brought to us to help him find his forever home. He is an adult Netherland dwarf, white with tan spots, and he is about 2.5 pounds. Darby loves to cuddle and be right in the center of the action!!

On July 2, 2016, we are so pleased Darby found a LOVING forever home! He is a cutie and will make his new Mom, Dad and friends very happy. We will miss you and hope you come back to see us sometime soon to say hello!

Ash and Twilight

Ash and Twilight are the cutest couple ever and now they have found their forever home! Their new family is so lucky to have these two adorable bundles of fur! We are so excited for you but will miss you dearly!
Adopted on July 2, 2016.


Blossom along with 2 other bunnies were saved from being euthanized from a HIGH KILL shelter. She is a very sweet, curious, shy little girl. She loves her evening treats and will keep coming up and nudging to check if there really isn't any more. Her morning and evening exercise routine involves a lot of impressive zigs and zags.
On June 18, 2016, we are excited to say, Blossom went on a date and is in the process of bonding with a boy named Rob.

We are so happy for her!


Luna was found in a parking lot at a few weeks of age. A kind person took her home, but was unable to find a good permanent home for her. We took her into the rescue in Mid-February 2016 at the age of 3 to 4 months.
On May 26, 2016, we are excited to say, Luna went on a date and fell in love with our sweet Charlie pumpkin nose.

We are thrilled for her and Charlie


Giselle is a sweet, healthy, beautiful Dutch girl. We knew her when she was living in the Irvine Animal Care Center in 2012; when we learned that she was about to be returned to the shelter through no fault of her own, we agreed to foster her and help her find a forever home.

Today, May 21, 2016 was her lucky day. Not only did she find a forever home. Vincent decided to accept her as his mate.
Congrats you two...We love you!


Olaf entered a shelter at about eight weeks. He developed an Upper Respiratory Infection and was treated. He was never allowed to go back into the general population because of the fear of spreading the infection. For that reason, we took him into foster care.

On April 24, 2016, we are excited to say, Olaf, one of our longest fosters here at Save SomeBunny (almost a year!) found his very own family to love.
It was a great hare day for us all!!


Our little rock star Riley and his brothers were four months old on Thanksgiving 2015! Riley is very active --- running around the pen in circles and binkying, and driving poor Sara crazy. If you look closely at Riley's face, the markings around his eyes looks like a star and the one on his nose looks like a bunny. How awesome is that?

On April 16, 2016, we are excited to say, Riley has his very own Human to love.
Rock on Riley!!

Leo and Roxy

Roxy and Leo are beautiful rabbits who were dumped at the home of a bunny-loving couple. The couple took them in and had them fixed. Sadly their own rabbits did not accept Leo and Roxy, and their home isn't large enough to accommodate four rabbits, The kind rescuers tried for months to find a good home for Leo and Roxy. They found us through their vet's office, so these sweet rabbits have come to stay with us until they find a home that will love them as they deserve.

On April 8, 2016, we are excited to say, Leo and Roxy now have a family to love.
We are so happy for them!


Vincent may not be look perfect but he is perfect to us and deserves a chance at life! On January 22, Save SomeBunny rescued Vincent from the high kill OC Animal Care- shelter. He was slated to be euthanized and we couldn't let that happen! Vincent is like a puppy in bunny form. He's an exuberant, affectionate bundle of energy. When he is in the garden, he has a hard time deciding whether to practice his high speed route or find all the delicious plants there are to eat!

He just found an awesome forever home on April 8, 2016. We are so happy for him!
Congrats Vincent!


Our Little Man Black is ridiculously cute. He was saved along with 4 other bunnies and his brother Decker from being euthanized from a HIGH KILL shelter. He is very friendly, he likes being pet, quickly at ease and bouncy and curious. Black is 2lb 11oz. Look at his adorable face, don't you just love it!!! He just found his forever home on March 19, 2016
Congrats Black!

Butch and Sundance

Butch and Sundance were saved along with 4 other bunnies from being euthanized from a HIGH KILL shelter. They are friendly and like to cuddle with each other and with humans. They are about two years old, still active but over the "teenage years". We are excited for them because they just got adopted on March 19, 2016!
Good luck Butch & Sundance in your forever home! Sending lots of hugs and kisses your way!


Decker was saved along with 5 other bunnies from being euthanized from a HIGH KILL shelter in October. In the beginning of the year, he was adopted on 1/23/16, but soon came back to us because of bonding issues. We are happy to say, he now has a place to call home as of 3/8/16.
Congrats Decker!


Katie was set to be euthanized at a shelter after being there only a week and a half. She's a super sweet Himalayan who is full of energy and loves being petted. On 3/5/16 she was adopted by a sweet couple and their roommates.
Congrats Katie!


Charlie one of Sara's boys was adopted today into a great home. We are so happy for our sweet little pumpkin nose.
Congrats to you Charlie! 1/29/2016


Decker (now Churro) was saved along with 5 other bunnies from being euthanized from a HIGH KILL shelter in October. Today, he went home to be the friend of an older girl Midnight who lost her mate recently. They started kissing each other before the first date was even over!
Congrats to the new couple! 1/23/2016


Twilight is a big beautiful girl who is finally done growing. She weighs eight pounds! Everyone who meets her falls in love with her gorgeous soft black coat. She loves for you to sit in her pen and gently pet her head. She used to startle easily but she has calmed a lot.
Today, she now became SomeBunny's Bunny! 1/23/2016.


Lola's previous owner was having very serious health problems and was unable to care for her so we decided to take her in. We are very happy to say this sweet girl just got adopted on 1/16/2016. We are so happy for her!

Brownie and Frankie

We rescued Brownie and Frankie about four weeks apart in the same area of a local park. Frankie went to the same foster home as Brownie, and after giving Frankie a few days to get acclimated, we reintroduced them. We are happy to report that, not only did they remember each other, they still love each other!!
Today was their lucky day. They just got adopted together to a wonderful bunny loving family on 1/16/2016.


Abby was saved along with 5 other bunnies from being euthanized from a HIGH KILL shelter in October. Snuggling up to Santa while telling him her Christmas wish must have worked. She just got adopted on 12/19/2015.

Merry Christmas Abby!

Max and Minnie

At one of our Petco event, instead of finding a forever home for SomeBunny -bunnies, we ended up with two NEW bunnies. These beauties were going to be sent to a high kill shelter but Save SomeBunny could not let that happen.
Today was their lucky day. They just got adopted together to a wonderful bunny loving family on 10/30/2015.
We are so happy for them and their new family!


Bandit was rescued from an apartment complex in Laguna Niguel. He is slightly younger than 1 years old. Approximately 4lbs with a very social personality. He has just been adopted by a terrific family on 10/25/15!

Little Girl

Little Girl is a sweet girl who still loves to cuddle and kiss. She was taken to Wetlands and Wildlife Rescue by someone who mistakenly believed that she was a young cottontail. They gave her to one of our staff (a wildlife rehabber) who immediately saw that she was a baby domestic rabbit with agouti coloring. She has been fostered through her babyhood and is sweet, active, and very healthy. As of 8/20/2015, she now has been renamed Honey and is bonded to a handsome boy named Jacky.

Cyndi lopper and Marlon Bundo

Cyndi Lopper and Marlon Bundo along with their brother Dennis Hopper were found by a Good Samaritans in a park. We are happy to say, that they now are all adopted. Cyndi and Marlon have found their forever home with a young sweet couple.

Adopted 8/5/2015

Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper and his brother and sister were found by a Good Samaritans in a park. He has such a sweet personalitly and will hop on over for a good head and back rub. He is now living with a five year old lop girl and a wonderful new family.


Topas is a young neutered male, about 4.5 pounds, with a beautiful soft agouti coat. He was nervous and fearful at his shelter, so he has been fostered in a home for about 6 months. July was his lucky month because not only did he find his forever home, he also found somebunny to love!

Jack and Jewel

Jack and Jewel were in need of a home together. They were purchased from a family breeder at 3 months old. They have been family pets but are not getting the attention they deserve. On May 9, 2015 these friendly little buns now have a new family that they can call their own.

Tic Tac

Tic Tac arrived at the Irvine Shelter with healed bite wounds on his eyelids and nose. The scar tissue on the eyelids irritated his corneas and caused his eye openings to appear too small. We adopted him from the Shelter and obtained corrective surgery for his eyelids. His eyes are healing well and we expect that he will recover completely, although his eyes will probably always look unusual. This lucky little guy is so sweet that his foster mom decided to adopt him permanently, along with a beautiful black and white girl named Juno whom TicTac had a soft spot for! See? Things can work out!!
Adopted March 2015.

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon is a young bunny who has had a lot of 'excitement' in his short life. He also may be the luckiest bunny ever! He was in West LA lying in a puddle in the middle of a downpour when he was rescued by an amazing Good Samaritan named Josh. Josh saw that KB had a badly broken rear leg so he took him to a vet to have the leg fixed up. KB went back weekly for cast changes. Eventually the vet determined that the leg was not healing properly and Josh paid to have the leg amputated. KB is almost healed now and seems to forgotten all about having a fourth leg! He plays and runs and feels great. At the March adoption event, this sweet energetic little guy won the heart of a college student. She will take good care of him, and he will help her study!
Adopted March 2015.


Kevin, is a young neutered male, about 4 pounds, with helicopter ears and a soft fluffy brown coat (possibly Jersey Wooly or Angora heritage?). He came into the Irvine Shelter from a bad situation. He had been involved in many rabbit fights which resulted in old injuries. He has one blind eye and a torn nose, but the worst was an injury to his genital area. The Irvine Shelter Rabbit Volunteers recognized what a special bunny he is, and they arranged for his reconstructive genitourinary surgery. He now lives with a young couple who loved him the minute that they saw him.
Adopted March 2015.


Priscilla, Here's a bundle of love!
Priscilla had a small wound on her leg that wasn't healing well, so we adopted her from the Irvine Shelter and took her for minor surgery to have the wound site repaired. She has healed beautifully and at the Feb. adoption event, she met a young man, Coffee, and went home with him!! We are all just thrilled for them and her new family.
Adopted on 2/21/2015


Cricket was rescued from a shelter when she was experiencing bowel problems that did not respond to treatment. She suffers from Megacolon, a genetic condition that is usually found in rabbits with her coloring (white with dark eye rings and ears). She was taken to a rabbit specialist, put on a special diet, and adopted by one of our volunteers. She is a beautiful rabbit, and Toko (a handsome agouti and white boy) soon fell hard for her. They are living happily together, and Cricket is feeling well.


Tulip, a young Lion Head Mix, wasn't eating, and it seemed like there was a problem with her teeth. Her vet determined that Tulip was still growing and was developing an underbite, which sometimes occurs in Lion Head rabbits. Since such a malocclusion prevents natural grinding down of the teeth, she would need to have her teeth clipped frequently, and it might cause problems with the molars as well. We decided to have her front teeth removed to avoid a lifetime of clipping and dental checks. She is on a special diet, but otherwise feels great. She lives happily in a "room with view" -- she loves looking out the window! She also loves her special friend Sanders, and their neighbor is Sanders' brother Felix.

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