We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome shelter rabbits in Orange County

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Meet Our Sanctuary Bunnies

Even if the path is not an easy one, we are committed to their care. They deserve happiness and security despite their physical limitations.

About Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill were taken in when the rescue where they were living was closed. Jill is about six years old. She has severe arthritis in her cervical and lumbar spine, which has caused her body to twist so she cannot keep her feet under her. She moves by scooting, usually in a circle. We give her pain medicine and keep her clean every day. She loves to eat and is very compliant for her baths and medicines. Jack is completely healthy and is Jill's faithful companion. He protects her and keeps her company.

Jack is so in love with his girl!

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About Caramel and Mauve

Caramel and Mauve are sweet and beautiful Rex mixes who were taken in when the rescue where they were living was closed. Mauve has chronic bladder sludge so she needs periodic subcutaneous fluids. She is also blind. Her sister Caramel is healthy, but they are bonded and so they stay together. Caramel watches out for Mauve when they are in a new situation. Mauve is comfortable in their area now and is even willing to explore their room.

Caramel loves treat time!

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Ruby and Hershey

Ruby is about two years old and has a chronic inflammatory condition of the genitals which causes her to be incontinent. We work to keep her clean and free from urine scald. She is friendly, happy, and energetic. Her companion, Hershey, is a about a year old. He has congenital malocclusion of his incisors which requires them to be clipped monthly. Otherwise he is fine. Ruby and Hershey met here at the rescue; they were neighbors who made it clear that they wanted to live together!

They fell in love while in foster care!

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