We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome shelter rabbits in Orange County

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Meet Our Sanctuary Bunnies

Even if the path is not an easy one, we are committed to their care.
They deserve happiness and security despite their physical limitations.

About Caramel and Mauve

Caramel and Mauve are sweet and beautiful Rex mixes who were taken in when the rescue where they were living was closed. Mauve has chronic bladder sludge so she needs periodic subcutaneous fluids. She is also blind. Her sister Caramel is healthy, but they are bonded and so they stay together. Caramel watches out for Mauve when they are in a new situation. Mauve is comfortable in their area now and is even willing to explore their room.

Caramel loves treat time!

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About Mocha

Sadly Mocha's humans failed her and gave her up to a shelter at age 10. She had never been spayed, but fortunately she did not develop uterine cancer. Mocha has had blood tests and x rays and she is healthy! She will live the rest of her life with her foster Mom as a sanctuary bunny, and she has a couple of new friends who are also seniors.

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