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Rabbit rescue groups must help each other to save the lives of these innocent creatures. In Southern California, there are many "dumping grounds" for rabbits. People get them as pets (or Easter gifts), realize they are work, move away and leave their pet, "set them free" because they are bored or do not want the responsibility. Here is an example similar to the Las Vegas situation. Rabbits left on school grounds victims of predators (hawks, coyotes, humans, etc). Goldenview Rabbit Rescue is trying their best to capture them. The problem----no where for them to go. Not enough homes locally and transporting out of the area is difficult and costly. And in some cases if they are transported further away, we don't know the conditions of the new location. So they continue to catch, spay and neuter in hopes of keeping the numbers down. But the problem continues due to the predators and people dumping new unspayed/unneutered rabbits. More babies and the viscous cycle continues.

In Poppy's case, she is a spayed female rabbit dumped in a field of an established warren. She was an intruder and needless to say picked on by the others. Poppy was terrified and ran to the humans for help . Bites and scratches on her but still beautiful, social and in good health. She was clearly once a spoiled pet and she hugs you when you hold her. Yes, literally hugs you. So now Poppy is safe unlike some of the others. It seems her story is one of many. Education is the key! Please DO NOT DUMP YOUR PETS! Please do your research before getting a pet. Spay and/or neuter and follow thru with your commitment if you adopt. They are counting on you.

Please spread the word if you know any responsible potential adopter in So. California. The more forever homes we find, the more we can rescue. Thank you!

To learn more about Poppy, call Kim from 9am to 8pm at (949)554-9007.

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