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Meet Peanut and Duchess

While in foster care, Peanut and Duchess fell in love. They are now available for adoption together. The pair can NOT be separated and must be adopted together. Bonded buns are very much attached to each other and would grieve the loss of their mate.

About Peanut

Peanut is a very sweet boy who hunkers down for pets and will come up and give kisses, too. Peanut was in need of rescue after being found in a backyard being chased by a dog. He was missing part of his back foot as well as his tail but those injuries were already healed. There had been a previous injury to the eye and he has developed glaucoma as a result. He is currently under treatment for glaucoma and a corneal ulcer. He's an absolute champ about all the eye drops and is healing up well. Because he's missing his back toes on one side, he cannot clean his own ear and will need some assistance. He does use his litterbox when he goes pee but tends to scatter poops about. Potential adopters will need to be okay with doing regular sweeping. Peanut and Duchess fell in love in foster care and must be adopted together. They're very cute when they snuggle and groom each other! Here's a cute little video of Peanut showing off his adorable personality.

Medical Notes: Foot and tail are ok, no residual bone problems or infection. Sweet little Peanut had his bad eye removed on October 6th. Got some healing to do but then no more glaucoma/ulcer/cataracts and no more 6 eye drops a day! He and Duchess haven't even been available for adoption for month and months because of the eye but they are so sweet and really deserve the attention they would get in a furever home.

About Duchess

Duchess is a sweet, calm bunny who likes to be pet. She starts out shy but is curious and will come out to explore and say hello to you. She was on the euthanasia list at the local shelter despite being healthy and friendly because she just didn't look "adoptable enough." We thought this pretty girl deserved more time to find the home she deserves!

She used to give Peanut kisses through the fence when they were roommates and one day he escaped his pen to get into hers, which she didn't mind one bit. They have been a happily bonded couple ever since and must be adopted together..

To learn more about Peanut and Duchess, call Kim from 9am to 8pm at (949)554-9007.

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