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We must admit, bunnies are one of the cutest furry animals that ever existed! But before making an impulse decision to get or adopt a bunny, the humans need do their research first. Did you know that rabbits are the third most purchased pet in the country and the most dumped? They are very misunderstood creatures. Many people very mistakenly believe that a domestic bunny, who are a completely different species from their wild cousins, can survive on his/her own. But the truth is, they cannot. Domesticated rabbits require human care for survival. The majority who are abandoned will parish from lack of water or shelter, starvation, as well as being hunted and violently killed by animals of prey.

The bunnies that you are about to meet all have the same thing in common, they were all left behind to fend for themselves. Most of the stories that I will be sharing will have happy endings because we were rescued while others will be tragic.

Olaf (that is me) and my brother Sven

When my brother and I were very small, our humans failed us by dumping us on a hiking trail in the canyons. They thought that we could survive on our own, when in reality we were left to die. Thank goodness Animal Control found us and brought us to the local shelter. The shelter life was pretty stressful but it was also where Sven and I found our Foster Mom. She showed us there are amazing humans who are respectful, caring and compassionate, plus she gives great hugs. We are now living in our forever homes with our amazing humans who treat us with love and respect.

Meet my friend Jamie

This is my friend Jamie. I knew her from my days living at the shelter. She is the cutest, friendliest bunny girl ever!!! She was such a joy to be around. Just before Christmas 2015, Jamie was stolen from her home. On Christmas day, her lifeless body was found in a park. It was believed that she died of fear after being chased by a dog. Still to this day her human family misses her daily. RIP my sweet friend.

Meet some of the Park Babies. Churro, Nutmeg, Licorice and Pepper

Churro, Nutmeg, Licorice and Pepper were found in a parking lot in Garden Grove with their Momma Cinnamon. They were saved by my human friends who belong to Save SomeBunny Rabbit Rescue.

I am so happy to report that Nutmeg, Pepper, Churro and Licorice found their forever homes.

Meet Baby Luna

Luna was found in a parking lot at a few weeks of age. A kind person took her home, but was unable to find a good permanent home for her. So my friends at Save SomeBunny rescued in Mid-February 2016 at the age of 3 to 4 months. She in now bonded with a boy and living a beautiful safe life.

Brownie and Frankie

Save SomeBunny rescued Brownie and Frankie about four weeks apart in the same area of a local park. Frankie went to the same foster home as Brownie, and after giving Frankie a few days to get acclimated, we reintroduced them. We are happy to report that, not only did they remember each other, they still love each other!!
They were adopted together to a wonderful bunny loving family in Jan 2016.

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon is a young bunny who has had a lot of 'excitement' in his short life. He also may be the luckiest bunny ever! He was in West LA lying in a puddle in the middle of a downpour when he was rescued by an amazing Good Samaritan named Josh. Josh saw that KB had a badly broken rear leg so he took him to a vet to have the leg fixed up. KB went back weekly for cast changes. Eventually the vet determined that the leg was not healing properly and Josh paid to have the leg amputated. KB is all healed now and seems to forgotten all about having a fourth leg! He plays and runs and feels great. At the March 2015 adoption event, this sweet energetic little guy won the heart of a college student.

Cyndi Lopper, Marlon Bundo and Dennis Hopper

Here is another happy story! Cyndi Lopper and Marlon Bundo along with their brother Dennis Hopper were found by a Good Samaritans in a park. I am happy to say, that they now are all adopted.


Buttercup was found hopping around Peters Canyon. Animal control was called and luckily was able to catch her. They brought her to the same shelter where Sven and I were living. Looking at her, she seemed and acted fine. But that was so far from the truth. While living in the canyon, a hawk tried to snatch her up. But because of her size, she was able to get away. By the time that she was rescued, her four puncher wounds had abscessed. The vet desperately tried to save her but the infection was so out of control that there was nothing that they could do for her that would help in saving her life. It makes us sad to say that she would never find her forever home but she did have an amazing foster Mom who loved her and was with her and comforting her to the very end.
RIP Sweet Buttercup. You are now binky free.

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