We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome shelter rabbits in Orange County

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Olaf's Human Guide To Get You Bunny Certified.

Help Sponsor Save SomeBunny! In this human training section, we will go over what it will take for you to become bunny approved. Being rabbit owned can be challenging at times, but once you have figured out how to earned the love and respect of your rabbit, your life will be filled with lots of joy.

So you want to be adopted by a bunny?

Then this section is a must read for all Humans to find out if you can even come close to be bunny approved.
Can You Be 100% Committed
Home Sweet Bunny's Home
A Bunny's Must Have List

Diet Information coming soon!

Find out what Olaf and his friends love to eat.
Hay Talk
Good Eats
Got Treats?

Spa Day information coming soon!

A Groom A Day Keeps the Doctor Away!
Bunnies Need Manipedi
Let the Fur Fly
Scent Glands Detox

Other Good Reads!

Some articles to make Every Day Be A Great Hare Day!
Olaf For President
What Breed May I Be?
Don't Dump Us In A Park!

A Bunny's Prayer
When should you get a rabbit?
Not just a rabbit!

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