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Olaf On the issues.

Are you an American?

No, I am a New Zealand. I was born in the good old USA. Here is my Birth Certificate as proof.

Why are you running for President?

Running for President was a no-brainer for me. Who wouldn't love to live in a big White House with an amazing rose garden? I also feel is it important to be the voice for all the rabbits in the world. Humans need to understand how awesome a rabbit can be if treated with the proper love and respect.

What party are you running for?

The Green Party. Because as you know, if everyone lived by the golden rule of "Peace, Love and Altered Bunnies," the whole bunny world would be a better place.

Being the youngest candidate to ever run for President, what makes you qualified to run for office?

When my brother and I were very small, our humans failed us by dumping us on a hiking trail in the canyons. They thought that we could survive on our own, when in reality we were left to die. Thank goodness Animal Control found us and brought us to the local shelter. We lived at the shelter for a time and I took on the job of Hall Monitor. My job was to instill calm in every bunny, to stop any cage fighting and to keep the poop bombing and chinning down to a minimum. I also was selected to interact with all the little screaming humans that came in for a visit. The shelter life was pretty stressful but it was also where I found my Foster Mom. She showed me there are amazing humans who are respectful, caring and compassionate, plus she gives great hugs.

What about the racial justice?

It is time for Humans to stop discriminating against bunnies without color. Being a pure white bunny with red eyes does not make us evil nor scary. Ruby-eyed bunnies were bred to be one of the nicest and friendliest bunnies around. Most of us are easygoing and happy. It is such a shame that we are chosen for our looks instead of our personalities.

What do you think about the Middle East?

First off, it is too hot and too cold there. A bunny would need both central heating and air conditioning in order to survive. Secondly, all the fighting scares the bejeezus out of the bunnies that live there.

How would you protect us from terrorism on our soil?

I would enforce a no-fly zone above every bunny's house, making birds of prey find a another territory to patrol. I would also change the flight path of all the jet planes so they only fly in a bunny free zone. The sound of jet engines really makes our eyes bulge!

What about securing our borders?

I would require high fences to be put up around every bunny's home to keep out the cats, dogs, coyotes, raccoons, opossums and snakes. No one should be able to migrate into our territory without being bunny approved.

What is your take on the homeless situation?

No bunny should be homeless. Every bunny deserves a loving home to call their own. Dumping us in a park to survive on our own is unacceptable and the criminals who do this should be punished by the full force of the law.

When people adopt us they must truly understand what it takes for us to survive. They need to take the pledge to have us spayed/neutered to help keep unwanted litters from happening and extend our lives.

Let's do a simple math problem.

Fact: A bunny can get pregnant every 28-31 days starting at the young age of 12 weeks old.

If Muffy were to get pregnant every 28 days and have 4 babies each time, she would have 52 babies in one year. Muffy's daughters and even granddaughters would also have babies during that year. That is a lot of rabbits who are going to need homes. Humans need to adopt from a local shelter/rescue and not support the people who are breeding rabbits to make money.

How Can You Help The Olaf For President Campaign?

We are looking for humans who would love to help save a bunny or two by becoming a Save SomeBunny foster volunteer or a bunny adopter.

Where can I donate?

Donating to my campaign fund will really help other bunnies in need.
100% of your contribution are tax deductible. The money will be spent on rescuing and saving other bunnies lives.

My Pledge

  • 100% of my campaign funds will go towards the health and welfare of rabbits.
  • I will work hard at being the voice for all the other rabbits.
  • No Bunny Left Behind is my motto
  • And remember....Let every day be A Great Hare Day!!

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