We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome shelter rabbits in Orange County

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Please Help Dutch!

Help Sponsor Dutch Dutch is our most recent RESCUE.
His front left leg is twisted in the socket. We cannot tell if it happened before or after birth. He was purchased from a swap meet at eight weeks old with the leg already damaged. We believe he is about 6 months old now. On Monday March 5th, Dutch will have surgery to amputate the leg. He will become our newest "tripod". Tripods can live long, happy, healthy lives. Just look at our other tripods- Cooper, Kevin Bacon and Moana-the therapy rabbit.

Dutch is stablized after his leg removal surgery heading on back to his foster home. Now we want to make sure he eats, poops and heals quickly. Our new little "tripod" needs all your well wishes.

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Bunny Adoption Days!

Look who got adopted

Sketch and Mocha


Sketch found a girlfriend and a forever home today! Please put your hands together and give this couple a round of applause!
Adopted on March 15, 2018

Blue and Gaga

Blue and Gaga

Gaga and Blue will not be at tomorrow's adoption event. Why? They found their forever home today! Yay! Yippee! Hooray! Cheers to a long life and enjoy your happily ever after together!
Adopted on March 2, 2018

Meet our new adoptable and foster only bunnies

Please help if you can!
We have just rescued 3 bunnies.

Bert and Ernie Bunilla Ice
Bert and Ernie
Bunilla Ice

We need your help! We lack foster homes and our resources are thin. Please consider fostering, adopting or donating. Your support is greatly appreciated! Now the next step is finding forever homes. Sometimes it takes months and months and months to get a bunny adopted. We hope forever homes are found soon. Thank you for your kindness and support!

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