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Co-written by Olaf the Ruby Eyed Rabbit and his dream team

Team Olaf

I must admit, bunnies have very little will power to say no when it comes to eating all the junk foods that line the pet store shelves. What can I say, bunnies love their sugar. But humans need to be mindful when it comes to treat time. Only heallthy treats should be fed to your bunny. Our treats do not have to contain sugar or grains to be enjoyable. Below is a guide to the bad, the good and the super yummy!

Beware of these store bought treats

Team Olaf

My Humans, please be aware that a cute bunny on the package does not mean that the treat is good for us. Do not be fooled by the verbiage on the package. In my opinion, they are non-nutritious junk food that potentially can cause harm to my bunny friends. It is up to you not to be played the fool!

Bunny approved store bought treats

Team Olaf

When shopping for a good healthy treat, make sure you read the list of ingredients. Avoid treats that are seed laden, have added sugar, or whose main ingredients are wheat, corn and soy. Oxbow makes some wonderful bunny treats that are super yummy. Your bunny will be begging for more. But keep in mind, as cute as it is to watch the excitement unfold when the crinkle of the bag is heard, only a few treats a day should be given. Overweight bunnies should be given natural non-sugar treats.

Homegrown treats

Team Olaf

Homegrown treats Rule! Snacking on herbs, rabbit safe leaves, freshly grown hay or a rabbit safe flower is the best. Fresh garden treats should be organically grown and pesticide free. They also need to be mold free and washed before serving. But only feed your bunny a few treats a day even if they are homegrown.

Citrus Chips:

You can use this method on any leaves that are safe for rabbits to eat.

Pick fresh young leaves only from a healthy tree. Make sure that they are free of mold. Wash and place them out in the sun to dry. You may need to separate them as they tend to curl up while drying. Depending on how hot it is, it may take a few days to get to the right crunchy texture that the bunnies love to munch on.
Your bunny will also enjoy eating the blossoms from the lime tree as well. Make sure to feed them the petals and not the fruit that is growing in the center. They also make a great hay topper.

Safe flowers:

Flowers always make a fun treat to eat.


Carrot Tops:

Carrot tops are super easy to grow.

Raindrop and Zeus
Buy some organically grown carrots, cut the tops off, and place in a bowl of water. Set them in a sunny window until the tiny roots and new stem growth appear. Plant them in a pot using organic soil. The carrot itself will never regrow, but the delicious stems will. You can also dry the stems and save them for later.

Please note: Carrot tops are high in calcium. Make sure they are fed sparingly. If you notice that your bunny's pee is chalky, stop feeding them.

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