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Co-written by Olaf the Ruby Eyed Rabbit and his dream team

Team Olaf

As a rabbit, I know all too well from my personal experience that so many humans will select us as a pet without doing their homework first. They think that rabbits are very easy to care for and all they need to do is put us in a garden hutch with hay, some food and water then maybe clean our area every now and then. This is so far from the truth on our care and how we wish to be treated. For that reason, I compiled a list of questions for you and your family to honestly answer before you bring home that super adorable bunny.


1) Are you committed to take care of me for 8 to 12 years?

2) We need to live indoors in an area of your house where we can interact with our new family. Lack of interaction can make us depressed, withdrawn or aggressive....and besides, we love to be petted by our humans.

3) Being social creatures, if you leave us every day for long periods of time, are you willing to bond us with another rabbit so we can have company and not be alone? Save SomeBunny Rescue group already has some really cool bonded pairs available for adoption. You can check out their photos below:

Sparkle and Snowflake
Bennie Bunny and Butterscotch
Raindrop and Zeus
Sparkle and Snowflake
Bennie Bunny and Butterscotch
Raindrop and Zeus

4) Are you allergic to our fur or the hay that we must eat? If you do not know the answer to this question, may I suggest that you come to one of our PetSmart events and spend some time with one of my bunny friends. We are always available for a good head and back rub.

5) Do you have space to safely store my hay?

6) Are you willing to feed us fresh veggies, hay and some Timothy pellets every day? We also need our water bowl cleaned and filled every day.

7) Are you willing to clean our litter box every day? You can do it every other day providing that our box is topped off with fresh hay daily. We also need our pens cleaned a few times a week.

8) Are you willing to brush our coats weekly and sometimes daily depending on the coat of the rabbit? We also need our nails trimmed every other month. You can always bring your bunny to one of our PetSmart adoptions and we will do if for a donation.

9) Are you willing to bring us to a rabbit savvy vet when needed?

10) Are you willing to have us spayed/neutered? If you adopt from our rescue, we already have been altered.

11) Are you willing to exercise us for at least 2 to 3 hrs a day? If outside, we need to be supervised at all time. A happy bunny is a binky bunny. This is also a great time to interact with us.

12) Are you willing to give us plenty of toys to keep us entertained so we do not get bored.

13) We need to live with heat and air conditioning. If you don't have air conditioning, then you will need to make room in the freezer for my frozen water bottles that will help to keep me cool in the 80 degrees or above weather.

14) Do you think that we are "starter pets" and are you getting a bunny to teach your young child responsibility? This is not a good idea because we are very delicate creatures and it is easy to break our bones. We need proper care!

15) Are you getting a bunny to be your Easter Bunny? Then may I suggest a plush bunny instead?


A public service announcement from Save SomeBunny:

As any rescue/shelter knows, come June & July there will be an influx of unwanted rabbits because that cute little fluff ball that someone took away from its mama too soon is now of no interest to the child it was gifted to.

16) If my person is a teenager who will soon be going off to college, are the parents going to step up and take over the responsibility and take good care of me?

17) Will you still love your bunny even though at times you may get scratched or bit? This is the way we communicate and/or sometimes play.

18) Do you own other animals or have young kids that can be a threat to your bunny?

19) If you already have a rabbit and are looking for getting him a mate, please remember that rabbits are very territorial and cannot be placed together without going through the bonding process. We can help guide you with that if interested.

Thank you for making the time to review my questions and remember....

  • I am working hard at being the voice for all the other rabbits.
  • My motto is: No Bunny Left Behind
  • And remember....Let every day be A Great Hare Day!!

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